5 Reasons To Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Reason To Get Attorney

Reason To Get Attorney

In legal context the term ‘Personal Injury’ is used to denote the damage to human body, mind and emotion due to the negligence of someone else. In the United States, Personal Injury Law is implemented in all the states and territories of the country. The law deals with providing compensation to the party who suffers physical or emotional damage or to the closest survivors in case of the death of the victim. The monetary compensation is paid on the basis of the concept that one who is victim to another’s negligence should not bear the burden of the loss. However, in order to file a lawsuit successfully under the Personal Injury Law, one needs to contact an experienced lawyer.

Unlike criminal cases, a formal personal injury lawsuit can be filed by an individual against another individual, corporation, or a government agency in order to extract compensation in case of a physical or emotional injury. The lawsuit should be filed with the state courts that have the jurisdiction over the county where the incident happened. Compensation claims for small amounts, generally $2000 to $5000 should be filed in the ‘Small Claims’ division of the court. However, the cases where two parties from two different states are involved and where the demanded money is of a controversial amount, it can be placed in the Federal Trial Courts also known as U.S. District Courts. These legal matters can be tricky issues for one who is not familiar with legal procedures. Hence it is always better to take the help of a Personal Injury Attorney in order to file a successful case in the court.


Five reasons to hire a Personal Injury Attorney:

Filing a proper case

First, hiring an attorney ensures that the plaintiff is aptly represented and compensated. Insurance companies often try to dodge the situation and seek ways to abstain from paying to the individual who claims the compensation. Hence, it is important to arrange the case properly and put it in such a way so that the ruling goes in favor of the claimant. An attorney takes proper care while drafting the case so that there is no room for compromising with the compensation.

Dealing with the Statute of Limitation

Second, statute of limitation plays an important role in the success of the case and so it is important for the plaintiff to know what to do so that the case is able to stand in the court of law. For example, in Florida if someone fails to file the personal injury lawsuit within a specific time period he or she loses her right to the claim. A personal injury attorney is able to extend help to his clients in this regard by identifying the statute of limitation related to a particular state.

Going with the regulations

Third, claimants have to adhere to strict rules and regulations while filing a case under the Personal Injury Law. However, it is not always possible for a common man to know all the intricacies of the law and so it is important for plaintiff to consult with a professional attorney who would be able to complete the filing process in compliance with all the rules and regulations in effect.

Assessment of Damage

Fourth, it is not always possible for an individual to assess the true extent of the damage due to lack of knowledge. The law requires the compensation to include provision for physical damage, mental distress, pain and medical expenses along with other reparations. But, in the absence of an experienced attorney it may not be possible for the claimant to ask for the right compensation. As attorney on the other hand, takes into account all the possible compensation charges and places it in front of the court through successful arguments.

Proving the claim

Fifth, the most important part of a case is to prove the validity of the claim. This is where the service of a personal injury attorney gains huge significance. An attorney can easily prove the validity of the claim and secure a good compensation for his client.

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May 9, 2014