DUI Laws and DUI Lawyers: How To Pick The Right DUI Attorney?

DUI lawyers or attorneys in Columbus Georgia (GA)

DUI lawyers or attorneys in Columbus Georgia (GA)Driving Under Influence or DUI is regarded as one of the most serious crimes all over the world. Driving high on booze not only puts the life of the driver and the passengers in jeopardy but also poses a threat to pedestrians and other people on the road. Hence, very strict DUI Laws have been put in place in order to ensure the safety of people on road from those who drink and drive. The law requires the driver to stay within a certain limit of blood-alcohol concentration in order to drive a vehicle on road. Treading beyond the limit is regarded as disobedience of law and hence is dealt with according to penal codes.

Penal codes are a set of laws that govern the judicial system of a country. Different countries have different penal codes that vary in legal specifications due to the culture, custom and practices in the country. In the United States the legal procedure is governed by the Title 18 of United States Code that includes the definition for all sorts of crimes and their legal consequences. As far as the DUI Laws are concerned, in the United States the blood-alcohol concentration should be below 0.08 percent in order to consider the driver safe for the streets.

Though the DUI Laws vary from one state to another, to some extent their basic formation remains almost the same. A driver caught in the DUI Law may face a charge of misdemeanor that can land him in jail for one year. However, in more severe cases where drunk driving has caused serious accidents resulting in loss of life or property or damage to an entity, the charge may be raised to the status of a felony resulting in longer jail terms. Repeated convictions of the same person within a certain period of time also results in longer jail terms. Some states in the United States even apply a second degree murder charge in case of loss of life due to drunken driving. DUI Laws are very strict and one needs to consult a professional lawyer in order to present the case successfully in the court of law.

Choosing the right DUI attorney

One of the most important factors that should be considered while choosing a DUI attorney is that the attorney should have a specialization in this field. DUI Laws are intricate and very tough to understand. Until and unless an attorney specializes in this field, it is not possible for him to know all the nooks and corners of law which can obviously result in a not so good experience for the client. Hence, it is always better to contact an attorney who has an experience in the field of drunken driving cases.

The attorney should also be able to understand the proceedings of the court so as to secure the best possible outcome for his client. If an attorney does not practice regularly and is not aware of the intricacies of the legal system, it is better to keep him off the list. In order to place a case successfully it is absolutely important for an attorney to understand the DUI charge and what view the judge is expected to take of it. An attorney who is well connected with the legal system, courtroom proceedings and judges has a better chance of success.

It is always better to choose an attorney who listens to his clients with attention. By listening attentively an attorney can easily understand the merits and demerits of the case and hence is able to arrange the case in a way that would yield the best outcome for his client. Attention towards the defendant is equally important.

Last but not the least, experience of the attorney plays a huge role in helping the client get justice. Therefore the effort should always be to choose an attorney who has a few years of experience in dealing with DUI cases and has a good track record.

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June 10, 2014